Autonomous Disposal Robot

  • Robot Picked a Target And Dropped Outside of Boundary -- Over Six Inches Wood Barricade 
  • Gained Experience With Sonar Sensors, Bumper Switches and Small Motors 
  •  Programmed Microcontroller in C So Robot Avoided Obstacles, Found Found Target, And Released the Target
  • Built Using Vex Robotics Kit

      Physically Testing Audio Circuit

  • Tested Circuit Using MultiMeter And Oscilloscope 
  • Observed Sound Quality 

      3D Printed Mario Case 

  • Modeled Using SolidWorks
  • Designed Slot for Micro-controller
  • Underside Speaker Mount
  • Lip in Three Components to Assemble With Ease

Coolant Flow Pump to Engine

  • UVic Hybrid Formula One Team
  • Designed Using SolidWorks
  • Model Used in Car
  • Correcting: Previously Labeled as Carburetor

      Motor Circuit 

  • Allows Mounted Mario to Rotate
  • Usage of MOSFET as a Switch
  • Usage of Diode to Prevent Stored Inductance Energy from Motor to Micro-controller

      Audio Amplifier Simulation

  • Performed on Qucs
  • Mirrored Physical Testing
  • Allowed to Test Circuit Without Damaging Components
  • Usage of Operational Amplifier
  • Inductance of Speaker Not Taken Into Account

Below are just a few of the successful Electrical Engineering projects I contributed to. Each had its own character and challenges, and I'm proud of the results that we achieved. 

Alarm Clock Project

      Soldered Display Printed Circuit Board 

  • Parallel Resistors to Optimize Brightness
  • Jumper Wires due to CrossTalking
  • Neatly soldered 

Featured Projects

Felipe Arcanjo

Electrical Engineering Student

     Audio Amplifier Circuit 

  • Usage of Capacitors to Filter Unwanted Sounds
  • Performed on KiCad Ready to Print
  • Ground and Power Plane to Minimize Traces and Reduce Noise