Felipe Arcanjo

Electrical Engineering Student

Featured Work

      Devised a Plan to Maintain Komatsu's Equipment in Good Health  

  • Through research discovered lacking service on real time even though KOMTRAX Plus present
  • Through research fount out lacking service on guidelines and missing troubleshooting equipment
  • Created simple Microsoft Dynamics AX template system that worker prints guidelines and leaves comment 
  • The 3 combined  saves millions of dollars on repair and down costs

Courageous Safety Leader

  • Not afraid to speak up
  • ...

      Rockwell Automation PLC Programming 

  • Level 2 certificate ladder logic
  • Knowledge of Studio 5000 Logix Designer 
  • Assisted in programming submersible pumps to dewater unstable mining pit walls
  • Acquaintance with Mitsubishi 700 variable frequency drive parameters

      Comfortable with Canadian Electrical Code 

  • Used Table to Find Wire Size Corresponding to Load Amperage
  • Used Table to Figure Out Breaker Size

Teck Coal Ltd.

      Responsable for Electrical Equipment Storage  

      Introduced to Multilin & SEL 

  • Knowledge of SEL Overcurrent/ Reclosing Relay
  • Monitors the 3 phase amperage using zero sequence or transformer neutral
    • Zero sequence = pos. seq. + neg. seq. 
  • Device numbers including but not limited to:
    • 87 - Actual relay
    • 51 - AC time overcurrent relay

Completed Electrical Safety Training Systems for Electricians

  • ESTS Enabled Me to Work With Energized Equipment Safely

Under Construction :)

Created The Mine's One-Line Diagram 

  • PDF Friendly
  • Introduced layers
    • Selection of specific equipment
  • Detailed information of important items
  • Arc flash study
  • Easy to follow power distribution